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LimitCPU is a program to throttle the CPU cycles used by other applications. LimitCPU will monitor a process and make sure its CPU usage stays at or below a given percentage. This can be used to make sure your system has plenty of CPU cycles available for other tasks. It can also be used to keep laptops cool in the face of CPU-hungry processes and for limiting virtual machines.

LimitCPU is the direct child of CPUlimit, a creation of Angelo Marletta. It appears as thouugh Mr Marletta has moved on to other projects and it as been some years since a new release of CPUlimit was released. With this in mind, LimitCPU aims to work with downstream projects which use CPUlimit (such as Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD) to merge their patches and improvements upstream. Hopefully this will result in a better all-around product and give users a central place to submit bug reports and feature requests.

Update: Mr Marletta has re-launched his CPUlimit project, adding new features and improving OS X support. The new project is a re-write and should not be considered drop-in compatible with this project. The source code of the new CPUlimit project can be found on github. We here at the LimitCPU project will continue to work with downstream projects and with the resurrected CPUlimit project so that both projects may grow and improve.

Please see our download page for information on installing and using this program. Should you have questions or bug reports, please see our contact page.

Instructions on how to install and make use of LimitCPU can be found in the project's README file.